Mar 24, 2011

The True Meaning of BITCH

"Bitch: Being in Total Control Honey" - Author Unknown
"Bitch: Beautiful Individual That Causes Hardons" - Austhor Unknown
"Bad Bitch: Totally mentally gifted and usually also fine as hell." - Urban Dictionary

What do you think makes a girl a "Bad Bitch" Is it Attitude? Is it Looks? Is it Actions? I did a poll and these are the results.

What makes a girl a "Bad Bitch"
Attitude [ 140 ]
Looks [ 79 ]
Actions [ 20 ]
All 3 [ 168 ]
Hot Friends [ 25 ]

A few interesting comments I got were:
"All 3 i only say bad bitch when i know shes really a bitch and shes hot ;D "

"Of Course if they're uber conceited about it, it ruins the whole thing...I think they have to be able to be confident without trying to put it out there...If they have to purposely draw attention to themselves, then they arent truly bad"
"No guys think bitches are hot, we don't want ghetto bitches who throw fits about everything."

Take the information how you want girls, but remember, you're going to get what you give